About Us


Sharm Trading is the leading distribution company in Georgia, which has established itself as a leader since the very beginning.


The company was incorporated in 1998. It was a difficult period for Georgia: non-stabile political situation, non-competitive economical position and imperfect legislative basis made it nearly impossible to incorporate a legal, advanced European type company. Sharm Trading is one of the first companies in Georgia, which has managed to implement that. It was supported significantly by foreign partners, first of all, by a German corporation Schwarzkopf & Henkel. It was a famous company Unilever, which played extremely important role in the advanced distribution introduction. Sharm Trading expresses its deepest gratitude to all its partners, which contributed to a great extent to development and support of the company.


Despite of insignificant resources, young and aspiring personnel made it a great success.


Business of the company, which dealt with the capital of Georgia at the first stage, extended to the regional offices network quite quickly and afterwards established international business contacts.


As a result of the partners’ complete trust and successful business activities, Sharm Trading has become the exclusive distributor of the global brands in Georgia and Armenia.


Nowadays the company distributes a number of famous brands such as Unilever, Henkel, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Eczacibasi, Tchibo, SCA, Carlsberg, etc.


During term of its business activities at the South Caucasus market the Company firmly confirmed its high professional level and stability maintenance ability, which ensured its long-term and close relationships with partners.


Besides distribution, the Company developed its business in some other directions and at present associates of its group are quite large projects, such as BMC Sharm LTD, JSC Lelo and Ialoni LTD.


Sharm Trading is one of the largest taxpayers, which has been among first few companies, which have become members of the Golden List.


There are about 600 staff members who are employed in Sharm Trading all over Georgia, while in Caucasus they are 1000 of them; they represent a powerful team of professionals, which contributes to raising success of our Company.


We attach great importance to our human resources and always take care for improving professional skills of our staff members and creation of a comfortable environment for them.  


Our goal is to provide the customers with global brands’ products. We have a high-quality distribution to both trade and non-trade objects and salons, due to which we have been able to deliver best-quality products everywhere, on duly time and, which is the most important, for reasonable prices.