Beauty Salons

Schwarzkopf Professional is the leading brand of professional hair care.

It has been functioning in Georgia since 2001 and it’s been 21 years as it constitutes the integral part of the beauty saloon business.

You may purchase its products basically in beauty saloons as Schwarzkopf Professional’s correct usage is based on appropriate teaching and professionals’ consultations. Schwarzkopf Professional gives the special attention to stylists’ permanent skills improving as it contributes to the Company business development. From their own part, stylists are eager to attend trainings and seminars organized by the Company where they receive complete information about products and their correct usage, get to know innovative technologies and advanced fashionable trends in hair doing and styling.

Commercial agents and assistant professionals who work on Schwarzkopf Professional brand development permanently do their best to improve services quality and ensure duly delivery of the products.

Schwarzkopf Professional brand is represented all over Georgia in about 1000 beauty saloons.

Schwarzkopf Professional is known by its innovative products and is the single company in the world, which creates fashionable hair styles and represents collection of those twice a year under the name Essential Looks.

Schwarzkopf is proud of its an over century history and experience! It is noteworthy that in 2009 the Brand celebrated its 111th anniversary!