Corporative Events

Manager's Conference "The Impossible Will Become Possible" and "Cinema Party"

Aug 1 / 2015
In July 2015 Sharm Trading held forth Managers Conference "The Impossible Will Become Possible" where summed results of the first half of the year.

Manager's Conference "We Care" and "Hawaii Party"

Aug 1 / 2014
In July 2014 Sharm Trading held third managers conference “We Care”

Sharm in Akhaltiskhe

Jun 25 / 2013
Sharm Trading had an excursion in Akhaltsikhe

“Black and White Party”

Jan 13 / 2013
Managers Conference of “Sharm Trading” was ended with meeting of new year

Manager’s conference 2012-2013

Jan 12 / 2013
Traditional manager’s Conference of “Sharm Trading” was held at the Lake Lopota